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Silvina Páez

I am a therapist, channeler, speaker and writer. I began my spiritual journey at the age of 19, when I was introduced to Reiki.

I have studied and taught different personal and spiritual development techniques in Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil and Spain.

After 15 years of being dedicated to spiritual practice, I began to receive, through a spiritual being called Kryon, information about a new system called Freedom Healing®.

Freedom Healing® is a system of practical spirituality. Through activations and sessions, you eliminate from the history of your soul limitations that block you from being able to reconnect with who you really are: a spiritual being living a human experience to learn to be free, happy and abundant.

In my sessions, I channel information from your soul and teach you how to transmute the limitations and traumatic experiences that may exist.


In particular, as part of my 5-session program called Fenix, I show you an empowered vision of yourself and of your current life. I also delve into healing and ordering the relationship with parents, siblings and partners. At the end the program, I guide you to reconnect with your Inner Child- a key point to find what makes you happy. In each session, spiritual potentials that were dormant are activated.

I also teach courses, so you can practice Freedom Healing® on your own or even become a Freedom Healing® therapist.

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