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Learn & practice Freedom Healing®!

Freedom Healing® is a powerful self transformation method and a spiritual healing resource that you can facilitate to others. It is comprised by the five levels described below. Each of them is a book and a course.


All courses are taught live online by Silvina Páez, channeler of the method, with consecutive interpretation English-Spanish.

Registration for the next courses will be communicated in due course.

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In the course 'Awakening Consciousness', Freedom Healing's® book 0, you will embark on a transformative journey toward self knowledge and spiritual connection.

This book and course is designed for those who are taking the first steps of their spiritual path in the New Paradigm and the 33 spiritual keys of Kryon. Through easy and deeply meaningful practices, you will begin to unveil the messages and signs that the Universe sends you.


In Freedom Healing's® course No.1, 'Earthly Spirituality', you will embark on a unique journey that merges the ethereal of spirituality with the tangible of your daily existence. This book and course is designed for you to deepen your understanding of your own limitations and potentials by using advanced spiritual resources in practice and experience.


The 'Generational Healing' course is Freedom Healing's® book No. 2. It is a deep immersion into the roots and energies that form you. This course is for you if you are looking to understand and transform the inherited influences that impact your well-being, your behavior and your life patterns.

By delving into the depths of your family tree, you will be able to identify and release the burdens, traumas and limiting patterns inherited from your ancestors, thus opening the way to a more fulfilling and freer life.


In this transformative Freedom Healing® course, titled 'Alchemy of Life', book No. 3, you will embark on a profound journey of personal transformation; and will learn to facilitate meaningful transformation processes for others.


The 'Archetypes and Self-Mastery' course is Freedom Healing's® book No. 4. It represents an advanced journey within the universe of Freedom Healing®. It has been designed to continue to deepen your self-knowledge and expand your ability to facilitate deep healings for yourself and others.

This course offers a detailed analysis of fundamental archetypes that play a crucial role in your life and relationships; i.e. father, mother, partner, and inner child.


Freedom Healing's® course and book No.5, 'Abundance Ambassadors', is the culmination of the Freedom Healing® journey. It has been designed for when you feel ready to take on the role of leader – i.e. instructor of the path to healing and abundance.

This course delves into the teachings of Kryon's laws of abundance, and trains you to share and teach the principles of Freedom Healing® to others, multiplying the impact of healing and personal growth in the community and beyond.

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