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Level 3

In this transformative Freedom Healing® course, titled 'Alchemy of Life', book No. 3, you will embark on a profound journey of personal transformation; and will learn to facilitate meaningful transformation processes for others.

In this course I will teach you:

  • New transformation resources: An innovative graphic to work with significant elements of your environment, such as money, house, etc., as well as techniques to improve the relationship with these material aspects.

  • To heal your relationships: You will discover effective methods to unblock and heal your relationships, whether with family, friends or at work. This knowledge will not only help you to improve your relationships, but also to support others do so.

  • To facilitate sessions: I will teach you detailed techniques for conducting healing sessions to others. This will expand the scope of your healing practice beyond your personal development.

What can you expect?

  • To heal specific issues: A special module will be dedicated to learn how to tackle and heal conflictive relationships. It will provide you with the resources to specifically work on healing deep personal conflicts; thus improving the quality of your most challenging relationships.

  • Practice and application: This level includes a combination of theory and practice that will allow you to apply effectively what you have learned, ensuring that you can integrate these new skills into your daily life and in your practice with others.

By the end of the course 'Alchemy of Life', you would have gained a deep understanding of how subtle energies influence your life and relationships; and how you can consciously transform your environment and your interactions with others.

This course is an essential step if you seek to improve your own life and also contribute to the healing and well-being of others, acting as a true alchemist of modern life.

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