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Level 5

Freedom Healing's® course and book No.5, 'Abundance Ambassadors', is the culmination of the Freedom Healing® journey. It has been designed for when you feel ready to take on the role of leader – i.e. instructor of the path to healing and abundance.

This course delves into the teachings of Kryon's laws of abundance, and trains you to share and teach the principles of Freedom Healing® to others, multiplying the impact of healing and personal growth in the community and beyond.

In this course I will teach you:

  • To master the laws of abundance: You will learn, understand and be able to apply Kryon's laws of abundance in a meaningful way, integrating these principles into your life to manifest prosperity, well-being and plenitude.

  • To train and teach others: You will be provided with the resources and techniques necessary to effectively teach the different Freedom Healing® courses, preparing you to guide others in their own healing and self-discovery process.


What can you expect from this course?

  • To expand the spiritual healing community: By becoming an Abundance Ambassador, you will play a crucial role in expanding the healing community, bringing the messages and practices of Freedom Healing® to a broader audience.

  • To contribute to collective well-being: This course empowers you to be an agent of change by using your knowledge and skills to contribute to the well-being and spiritual evolution of society.

This course is ideal for those who wish to leave a meaningful imprint on the world by promoting positive and lasting change through the teachings and practices of Freedom Healing®.

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