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Level 1

In Freedom Healing's® course No.1, 'Earthly Spirituality', you will embark on a unique journey that merges the ethereal of spirituality with the tangible of your daily existence. This book and course is designed for you to deepen your understanding of your own limitations and potentials by using advanced spiritual resources in practice and experience.

In this course I will teach you:

  • How to establish a deeper connection with your spirit guides: You will learn how to conduct basic Freedom Healing® self-sessions using the 33 Kryon spiritual keys, 4 channeled charts and a technique taught by the Master Kryon.

  • To investigate past lives: Through the resources provided by Kryon, you will know how to investigate information from your Akashic records that block your abundance, transmute the information that limits you, in order to activate abundance and expand your electromagnetic field to be able to hold greater abundance.

What can you expect?

  • A deeper self-discovery: Through the Kryon cards, this level opens you a window to connect with your soul, allowing you to explore and understand the origins of your limitations, as well as the path to your highest virtues.

  • Practical resources: With the help of a pendulum and specific Kryon charts you will learn to investigate the roots of your blockages and find spiritual solutions practicable in your daily life.

  • Spiritual and earthly connection: In this course, I will teach you how to balance and integrate spiritual wisdom into your reality; thus, transforming your perception of the world and yourself.

  • Ongoing guidance and support: As you progress in your self discovery path, in the Freedom Healing® community, you will find constant support and guidance, where sharing your experiences and learnings becomes a source of mutual inspiration.

  • Self empowerment: By understanding the spiritual roots of your personal challenges, you gain the ability to transform your life in a conscious and directed way.

  • Unique abilities: You will develop skills to identify your limitations, as well as the spiritual solutions that will allow you to overcome them.

  • To integrate spirituality into daily life: I will teach you how to apply spiritual principles and practices in your day-to-day reality, which will result in a fuller, more conscious and harmonious life.

This level is perfect for those who are ready to take charge of their spiritual and personal development, applying the spiritual knowledge of the New Paradigm in a pragmatic and earthly way.

'Earthly Spirituality' is an invitation to transform your life by discovering and nurturing your connection with the Universe from the comfort and challenges that your daily reality offers you.

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