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Freedom Healing® is a bridge to personal transformation offered to humanity by the wisdom of Kryon and channeled through Silvina Páez. This method is based on thirty-three energetic keys, represented on mandalas, that illuminate the path to self-knowledge and the expansion of consciousness.

Each key is a door to a deeper understanding of the lessons that life presents to you, guiding you on the journey to discover your true self. Through courses and practical lessons, we invite you to explore your spiritual potential and live a life of fulfillment and connection.

Start your self transformation journey with Freedom Healing® and open your heart to the change that will lead you to discover your purest essence!

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The Card Deck of the 33 Spiritual Keys of Kryon

Discover and use your inner power through Freedom Healing® cards.
The cards are the direct connection with your inner wisdom. They will guide you to understand what tools you need to activate in order to connect with your Inner Peace and expand your level of consciousness.

A printed version of the deck is available in Spanish only. You may buy it here.

Start your path of personal transformation now!



Take Freedom Healing® to your daily practice.

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